Love Your Selfie Competition

We all do it! Some more than others…so, take out your cell phone, strike a pose and show us your “selfie” for a chance to win some ACC classes!!!

Be creative, have fun and post your favorite shot wearing an ACC t-shirt or doing one of your favorite Pilates moves.

Post to your favorite social media sites and mention ACC. One winner will get $50 off your next ACC package.

Contest ends February 15th!

Upcoming Events!

Jan 27th: ACC Selfie Competition

Feb 14th: Valentine’s Day

April: Armone’s Pilates Teacher/Training Spring Session Starts

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Student of the Month
We are always so inspired and humbled by our amazing clients. Every now and then their stories pull at your heart strings, bring a tear to your eye and remind us why we teach and love doing it!!!
Meet Heather:

I will be forever grateful to be a part of Armone’s core connection group. A little over a year ago, I was a short distance from
finishing out a years worth of chemotherapy for brain cancer. That first day I walked into Armones studio I was intimidated, overwhelmed and deeply hesitant. I left that morning honestly having shed a tear of relief for having completing my first ever pilaties class. Since that day, no kidding, every single instructor has embraced and helped me with loving arms. With that fantastic support, it’s inspired me daily to keep going back and continue my journey of regaining my strength, flexibility and mental perseverance.I’ve honestly fallen in love with Armones studio. Between my new found friends and the encouraging and supportive instructors, I know she and her group have been critical for me on my road to physical strength.I know this all may sound cheezy but I’ve gotta say, without Armones encouragement I would would probably have not stayed the course. For that, I thank u so very much.
Heather Andreuccetti

What are you doing different in 2016?
by Armone SullivanIt’s cold; floating through my ears and lightly tapping the back of my head is the sound of the dripping, standard 1950’s bathroom faucet, that has been left unfixed for the past nine years. I roll over to check the time on my phone and after a few eye rubs… 5:00 AM. As I lay covered in my comforter I can see the blue hue of the coastal morning fog cracking through my bedside window welcoming me to a new day. I grab those precious last moments of rest which somehow always seem to be the warmest and most comforting, and then I’m ready.
The ride up to the gym gives me time to forgive myself for the extra glass of wine from the night before, and remind myself of my goals for the day. The day goes on, time continues to pass and things are flowing nicely at the gym; this is my daily routine. But suddenly, everything begins to seem too monotonous and my motivation begins to dwindle.
I have a lot of clients and people outside of the gym come to me with complaints of feeling stuck in the routine of the day-to-day. Many of us feel unmotivated when we know we are going to be doing the same workout on the same day of every week. It’s ok to be honest with yourself and admit that you can only do so many level one Pilates classes before things start getting boring. This is why I encourage all of our clients to take full advantage of the ACC Team experience.
Myself and the entire group of trainers make a concerted effort to provide our clients with a wide variety of training options to keep things interesting and to keep both you and us motivated for success. Have you run the Convention Center stairs with me lately (yes, I do this every Sunday morning and you’re always welcome to join) or taken a Saturday morning spin class? Maybe you’ve been thinking of doing a martial arts training with Bruno or Jay. Make the conscious decision to get outside your comfort zone and do something different and I promise you the results will amaze you. At ACC, we pride ourselves with being fully involved in your fitness and lifestyle goals, so let’s get after it!

ACC’s Referral Program
We exist because you love us! Now we want to reward you! Refer-a-friend. If they purchase a package of Pilates private sessions or if they buy an ACC class package or contract
you get 50% off your next package.

Ready for a change? ACC 10 packs are only $250.
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Armone’s Pilates Teacher Training starts Spring 2016
500 hours of instruction, practice, observation and teaching
Be inspired to Inspire!

Laura’s Back!
We are so excited to announce the return of Laura Melgar!
Starting in February she will be teaching
Sundays at 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 am.

Laura grew up living an active lifestyle, whether it was going to the gym or playing sports. In high school she was a varsity soccer player and C.I.F. distance runner. She continued her athletic experience by playing collegiate rugby at the University of California San Diego. After graduating with a B.S. in Physiology and Neuroscience in 2012, she began working as a lead physical therapy aide at a local orthopedic clinic. It was here that Laura developed her interest and passion for Pilates.


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