ACC Newsletter October 2016

ACC Newsletter October 2016



Important DatesOct 22
Lorna Jane Trunk Show

Oct 29
Last day to purchase our 10 pack with a $100 credit

Oct 31
Boo! All evening classes will be cancelled.

Nov 1
Check out ACC’s new Fall/Winter Schedule

Nov 8
Vote and than workout

Nov 24
Gobble Gobble.
ACC will be closed

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Overcoming Adversity
It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write to all of you. To be honest, I’ve been avoiding it…avoiding having to admit my struggle, having to reach inside and acknowledge that I’m not always the strong person that I project in the gym, I am human. Those of you who are close to me know that the past few months have been nothing short of devastating. There were times (many) that I felt like running away and never coming back, locking the door and throwing away the key, chalking it up as a failure to never be repeated. I’ve had to dig deep, really, really deep to understand what it is that has brought me to this point in my life. What is important to me. What drives me to come back, unlock the door and continue on wearing my suit of armour. We are all faced with challenges and adversity throughout life, that IS life. It’s how we decide to react and how we allow these things to affect us that makes us who we are, DECIDE being the operative word. It’s all in our control, it is up to us what happens next. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason, nothing is a coincidence. This is where I found my answer. I asked myself, “what is it that I want? Do I want to give up on my dream? Give up on something I have worked so hard for, that I believe so deeply in, the sacrifices I have made and the love I have for it all?” The obvious answer was “NO!” This is when I DECIDED to look at things from another perspective, the positive perspective. Instead of continuing down my dark abyss, I remembered what brought me here in the first place. The fact that I am so fortunate to be able to see my friends every day achieve goals they never thought possible, to see them work hard and feel empowered, inspired and confident. How blessed am I to be surrounded with people who are motivated, eager to learn and happy to be in a place that I created out of love and belief in a lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle. This is why. So, that being said…it was time for a facelift! Ah, the silver lining. It was there all along, I just had to see it.
Thank you, ALL of you that have stood by my side and supported me. It’s ironic that you come to me for motivation and inspiration but yet, you were the ones that motivated me and inspired me to face a challenge and come out stronger than ever!!
– Armone Sullivan

Come workout and shop with ACC this

Saturday, October 22

8:30 to 10:00 am.

ACC Client of the Month

Andrea Dacey

Andrea is a Registered Dietitian based in San Diego, California for H2O Nutrition. Additionally, a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), Andrea has served as a leader in enhancing sports and life performance through innovative fueling strategies. Her expertise encompasses sports medical nutrition therapy, periodization, weight management, disordered eating counseling and wellness nutrition for professional, collegiate, adolescents, and all athletes and physically active individuals and groups. Andrea applies the science and art of sports nutrition to fuel athletic performance within specific sports, fitness, and health. Andrea has the passion for helping clients learn to eat to enhance overall health and wellness.
With a background of sports and fitness since childhood, collegiate sports, Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition from San Diego State University (SDSU), Clinical Nutrition Dietetic Residency from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Andrea has obtained premier-level professional clinical and sports nutrition credentials in the United States. She is excited to be advancing her career and passion for Pilates at Armone’s Core Connection. Andrea is eager to coach the needs and goals of the community and team at ACC. “Looking forward to meeting 100% of your optimal health/fitness goals and needs!”Andrea Dacey, RD, CSSD.

ACC Baby News 2016!

Tammy and Ella

Ella was born on July 30. She was 6lb 15 ounces, 19 inches. She is now 10 weeks old, loves long walks on the beach, blowing spit bubbles, accompanying her mom to Pilates, and toys that play music. 😉

Lindsay and Rowan

Rowan Amelia Revel, Born August 20th at 12:30am, 6lbs 10oz, 20.25 inches long

ACC’s NEW Fall / Winter Schedule 2016

Please review for time and class changes starting November 1, 2016

  • Class reservations are strongly recommended
  • There is an 8-hour cancellation policy for all classes, no exceptions!
 – All reservations are made online
  • If a cancellation is made within the 8-hour window you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee
  • Class and instructors are subject to change without prior notice.

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