ACC’s Newsletter Dec 2015

ACC’s Newsletter Dec 2015


ACC Newsletter – December 2015

From our Family to Yours!


Important DatesDec 15
Last Day!
ACC Fitness Challenge
Casa de Los Pobres Toy & Food DriveDec 24
No pm classes

Dec 25
Merry Fitness
ACC will be CLOSED

Dec 30
No pm classes

Dec 31
Happy New Year
ACC will be CLOSED

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(Reg $400)

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Who will win?

We have a few more days left of the ACC fitness challenge and we eagerly await the results. One passionate ACC client will win a $100 gift card to Bottega Americano for completing the most workouts in 30 days.
Contest ends December 15th.

Good Luck!!!!

by Armone Sullivan It’s midway through December and the New Year’s Resolution lists have already got some fresh ink on them. You’re making sure the goals you are writing down aren’t too lofty because, in reality, you don’t want to be overly upset when you fail to pull through on them just like last year. Number one on the list is to finally shave of that extra ten…lets call it fifteen pounds you’ve been trying to pray away for the past three years but somehow always find an excuse to never quite get rid of.
While your local gym franchisee is dreaming of the three-month influx of new memberships to come, you’re promising yourself you’ll start working out no later than January 8th. We all know how it goes, we give a numerical value to our goals because that’s how we measure success, but I’m here to offer you a resolution idea that could be the key to finally reaching that milestone; stop making excuses.
Now I know what you’re thinking, “Here comes Armone the psychologist telling me how I’m doing everything wrong”. The truth is that I’m not some guru who knows everything but let me give you some cold hard facts. The reason you’re not reaching your goals is because you continue to make those convenient excuses that keep you out of the gym, away from your desk and that quarterly bonus, or off the path to whatever goals you may have for yourself.
How do I know this? Because I did for years and it wasn’t until I truly dedicated myself to achieving my goals that they came to fruition. As people, we tend to drift towards convenience. We surround ourselves with people who will reaffirm our poor decisions so we don’t feel as bad, but this is not the recipe for success.
This New Year I encourage you to take a step back and reflect on everything surrounding your life today at this very moment. Are the people you associate with encouraging you to make convenient choices, or positive ones that will make you a better person tomorrow than you are today? Are you being honest with yourself, tuning out the expectations, and dedicating your life to achieving your goals?
I founded ACC with the goal of helping people maximize and realize their potential, better themselves and their quality of life, and find happiness. Lets set the record for most gym members with genuine smiles when they look in the mirror. Lets build a community of healthy living, positivity and encouragement that doesn’t have a number value. In 2016 lets all achieve those goals we always knew we could achieve!Armone's Core Connection– Armone’s Core Connection
7438 Girard Ave. in La Jolla.
(858) 255-8609.

Armone Sullivan, Founder & President

Community News

ACC would like to welcome Victoria Helen Woodall into our family.
Born at 8.11pm on 19th November, weighing a perfect 6lbs 2oz. Congrats to our new mom, Helen. We look forward to seeing you back at the studio.

Christmas at the Casa

Every year ACC likes to give back to the local community and this year we feel so honored to support Casa de Los Pobres in Tijuana, Mexico.

With your support, and the care given by the Sisters at the Casa, your very generous donations will go immediately to help the impoverished who turn to the Casa for help.
So please take a few minutes to pick up food items and toys.

Our last day to collect items is December 15th.
Peace and Love!

ACC Pilates Teacher Certification

Be Inspired to Inspire!

Our latest recruits just wrapped up modules 7 & 8. Look out Pilates world they are well on their way. Our next Spring / Summer Pilates Teacher Certification session starts in late April. Contact ACC to get your Pilates career started today!

Give the Gift of Fit

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2. Have your friend sign up for a FREE trial class (we will add it to their account)
3. When your referral purchases a class package or monthly unlimited option you will receive $50 off your next ACC class package or monthly unlimited.


ACC t-shirts make great holiday gifts!

Women’s tees: $20
Women’s tank: $25
Women’s long sleeve: $30
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