ACC’s Newsletter Nov 2015

ACC’s Newsletter Nov 2015


ACC Newsletter – November 2015


Important DatesNov 15
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Nov 26
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Holiday Snack Modifications
by Armone Sullivan It’s Monday morning, the same Monday morning you’ve been promising yourself for weeks, months, maybe even years that will be the start to your new, fitness focused lifestyle. “I’m going to workout 6 days a week and eat clean until I reach my goal…it’s not that difficult…I like eating healthy”, you tell yourself over and over in an attempt to trick your own mind into believing these fallacies. Except this Monday is a little different because this Monday just so happens to fall right before Thanksgiving and the official start of the holiday season. In the back of your mind there’s a voice of reason pointing out the impossibilities of living a healthy lifestyle in these net few months to follow and you’re trying desperately to find a way to even the glutinous playing field. Well, there’s great news for those who are trying to indulge but not set themselves back another three months on their road to fitness victory; healthy holiday snack modifications.
We are so fortunate to live in a world today where great minds alike can come together and share their ideas with no more than the touch of a button, and don’t think that this excludes those health fanatics out there! Upon some light research it is easy to find some amazing resources for healthy alternatives to traditional holiday foods. Modifying recipes is easier than you may think, it can be as easy as swapping out peanut butter for almond butter in those delicious peanut butter cookies, or having sweet potatoes (save the marshmallows) instead of butter and cream cheese soaked traditional mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. There is an Everest-sized mountain of online recipes that will go lighter on your stomach and thighs this holiday season while still smacking a smile full of holiday cheer on your face.
Pinterest is a great resource for healthy holiday recipes and believe it or not, even lists healthy options for your holiday favorites! There are some links provided for your viewing pleasure as well as a few recipes we added for you to get started. Wishing you happy and healthy eating this holiday season!

Healthy Mashed Sweet Potatoes:
Healthy Holiday Recipes – Food Network Special:
Healthier Green Bean Casserole:

Armone's Core Connection– Armone’s Core Connection
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Armone Sullivan, Founder & President

Laura was first introduced to Pilates through her ballet training many years ago. When she stopped dancing she continued her Pilates practice. She loved the way Pilates kept some of the same principles of dance in her life. When her teacher suggested she go through a Pilates Mat certification and begin teaching, Laura thought, “why not?” She began teaching in 2002 and instantly fell in love. When Laura went off to college in Boston she decided to continue teaching. She successfully added a Pilates Mat program to the campus recreation’s group fitness schedule, and has not stopped teaching since. From the moment she stepped in front of her first class and taught the Hundred she knew she had found her passion.

For the next seven years Laura would teach all over Boston and had made her way into Equinox where she taught with some of the industry’s finest. During this time she was also introduced to her very first barre class, and again falls in love. At this point Laura realized she should make this her real career and left her “Corporate America” job at a consulting firm to pursue her teaching. She continued her training and certification with Power Pilates and began her full time career with Equinox in their Pilates studio. Over the years Laura has also gone through a few different barre certifications and loves to incorporate that into her own fusion classes.

In 2012 Laura moved to Singapore for a job opportunity that her husband received out of business school. The next two years Laura would teach for a small boutique studio where she trained expats from all over the world. In 2014 Laura and her husband left Singapore to pursue a life on the West coast. They settled on San Francisco, where Laura went back to Equinox, this time to manage the Pilates studio while maintaining a full teaching schedule. After a short year, Laura and her husband move again, and end up in this amazing place. Laura is so excited to share her passion for Pilates with the La Jolla community.

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CONGRATS to our ‪#ACC‬ Endurance Challenge Winner, Sherise Lum for attending 30 ACC classes in 12 days!!!!! Runner Up, Deborah Galletti attended 28 ACC classes in 11 days!! They both won gift cards to the delicious Bottega Americano downtown. ‪#hardworkpaysoff‬

ACC Pilates Teacher Certification

Be Inspired to Inspire!

Armone’s Core Connection offers instructor certification in both East Coast and West Coast style Pilates. This five hundred hour program not only trains instructors in traditional and modernized forms, but fully educates them in anatomy. Through ACC’s certification program students gain the full understanding of body mechanics necessary to be an elite Pilates instructor. After completing Armone’s certification program, instructors are guaranteed to be able to provide the most versatile and effective Pilates workout available. Start your Pilates career journey today!

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