Pilates Teacher Certification

500 Hours of Instruction, Practice, Observation & Teaching
Pilates Teacher Certification Information

500 Hours of Instruction, Practice, Observation & Teaching

Originally invented by Joseph Pilates for boxers, Pilates uses isometric and aerobic training techniques to strengthen the body’s core muscles and develop proprioception. As time has progressed and knowledge of bodily mechanics has accrued, the Pilates format has been altered accordingly. Studying under Romana Kryzanowska at True Pilates, Armone Sullivan is classically trained in the traditional Pilates form as well as certified by Kathy Corey of West Coast Pilates. Over the course of her thirteen-year career Armone has developed her own, integrative style of Pilates designed to optimize strength, flexibility, and body function while also providing cardiovascular and endurance building.

Armone’s Core Connection offers instructor certification in both East Coast and West Coast style Pilates. This five hundred hour program not only trains instructors in traditional and modernized forms, but fully educates them in anatomy. Through ACC’s certification program students gain the full understanding of body mechanics necessary to be an elite Pilates instructor. After completing Armone’s certification program, instructors are guaranteed to be able to provide the most versatile and effective Pilates workout available. Start your Pilates career journey today!

Armone’s Core Connection Pilates Teacher/ Comprehensive Full Certification Program
Mat Certification (only): $1800
DVD’s: $200
Apparatus only (includes: Wunda Chair, Ped-i-Pull, Cadillac, Reformer, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel): $2200
DVD’s: $200
Mat and Apparatus (incl. DVD’s): $4000
Tuition Details
Deposit and Application: $50
50% down payment due five weeks before program start. Remaining 50% due one week prior to program start. Payment plans available, contact: info@armonescoreconnection.com. Teacher / Trainers get 15% off all studio memberships Limited studio time available for personal practice hours.
Tuition payment does not include the following:
Module retesting (per module, per apparatus) each per hour: $75
Liability insurance for Apprenticeship training (with at least 150 hours of training, observation completed): TBD
Missed Teacher Training and Make Up (per day): $100
All Tuition payments are Non-Refundable

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Instructor Testimonials
I was certified through Armone’s Core Connection Certification program in 2009. I had been practicing Pilates regularly for a few years previously but the program took me to a different level of understanding. In order to successfully complete the monthly exams I had to spend many hours a week observing other teachers, physically learning the exercises and studying the science. I found it very challenging. Anybody that thinks it is as easy as showing up for a long weekend once a month has underestimated the program. Armone and Holly were patient and encouraging and were always available to help with my frequent questions.

The certification program stretched me and took me out of my comfort zone and it was great to be able to travel that road in a nurturing environment. I continue to study and learn and am fulfilled every day as a Pilates Instructor. I highly recommend the experience.

Fiona Affarano

I completed Armone’s Pilates certification / instructor program in January 2012. I started in August of 2011 and entered into an intense 6-month program learning the best of Armone’s west coast and east coast styles all the while staying true to Joseph Pilates classical training.
The program challenged me on many levels physically and mentally and gave me a whole new appreciation for the professionalism and work ethic it takes to get certified in this program. If you are looking for an easy certification program, this is not it.

This program will guide you through hundreds of exercises and give you a complete body of knowledge on many different Pilates’ apparatus. It will also prepare you for a career as a Pilates professional and provide you with a skill set to further enhance your own Pilates practice and knowledge.
Additionally, I am proud of what I have accomplished and honored to be around such talented, hard working and healthy people. I am also grateful for the friendships I developed with my graduating class. http://armonescoreconnection.com/wp-admin/media-upload.php?post_id=23&TB_iframe=1&width=640&height=803

Thank you Armone!!!!

Mira Sanchez Costello

I started the certification because I had been doing pilates for a couple of years before and for at least a year with Armone so I wanted to get better at it as well as finding another activity to do. I had no idea how hard getting certified was until completing it. I had been working out with Armone for at least a year already so I thought this was going to be easy but it definitely wasn’t.

It was really nice to learn all of the details of each exercise as well as many more exercises that we don’t normally do in a class setting. The best part of the certification is the teachers and the group you learn with. Armone and Holly were so supportive and would help out any time they could. Their feedback is so great and I still feel that I am learning or getting better every time I teach. I feel that I have made some new friends in the group that I got certified with as well after all of the long hours of studying and practicing we had with each other. I’ve seen or heard other certification programs and I think Armone’s is the most intense one but the most rewarding as well.

Alice Hang

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500 Hours of Instruction, Practice, Observation & Teaching
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