Proper Nutrition

Proper Nutrition
By Jay Hoehn

In the last article I wrote on choosing the right exercises, putting out the right effort, and choosing the right/proper nutritional plan to achieve optimal fitness and I promised to follow up a little more about my personal beliefs regarding the proper nutritional point. Let’s be honest, in order for all of us to achieve a greater measure of optimal health and fitness for the rest of this summer, and for the rest of our lives, we must all choose to eat properly! Without an emphasis on proper nutrition optimal fitness and health can be very elusive. In my estimation proper nutrition requires proper choices related to our eating habits. So, here’s my short list for proper nutrition choices to move more aggressively into optimal health and fitness:

1. Let’s choose to eat foods and consume beverages that are low processed, or better yet, not processed!  Foods that are free from artificial processing and artificial ingredients are always better choices for our body’s overall experience of health and vitality. The low or no processed food choices tend to digest easier, assimilate better, and eliminate faster than the highly processed alternatives. So we must read those ingredient lists! I personally hate ingesting a bunch of chemicals I can barely pronounce, and have no idea how they might effect my health.

2.  Let’s choose high quality, nutrient dense, starches and complex carbohydrates that are mild in their glycemic effect, and let’s consume these foods at the right time of day. In my opinion the earlier the better! Certain foods tend to effect the body in a better way for overall health when their consumed for breakfast or lunch as opposed to dinner, or later in the evening before bed.

3. Following up on the last point, let’s choose to arrange our meal plan strategically to maximize our recovery from physical and other forms of bodily stress. This traditionally and primarily has been thought of as consuming certain recovery foods or beverages right after exercise in order to effectively replenish muscle fuel spent during one’s exertion. Though this is true, I also believe it is essentially important to choose to eat certain types of foods, rather than others, late in the day or evening to better facilitate our endocrine output while we sleep!  Different food choices cause varying effects to our bodies propensity to secrete certain, and valuable, hormones that help us to recover and rebuild our thoroughly trained bodies as we rest through the night!

4. And we must choose to continually keep ourselves thoroughly hydrated! Our bodies need plenty of clean H2O in order to maximize athletic performance, help to lower our body fat storage,  hydrate and lubricate the internal organs, and just to maintain and ongoing experience of overall good health and fitness.

5. Finally, let’s choose to truly listen to our body’s physical feedback after every meal. I believe our bodies will converse with us, especially after we eat certain foods!  Many people suffer ongoing effects of food allergies because they ignore or minimize their body’s language after certain meal choices! If your experience is similar to mine, your body might say, “great choice” or “that tasted good, but I think next meal could be just as tasty and maybe a bit healthier for me. What do you think!” 🙂

Well, as I said, this is a short list of some of my proper nutrition points, and hopefully it will whet your appetite to learn more about this very essential component to achieving optimum health and fitness. Until next time, please stay committed to your great health!

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