Do you want a FREE CLASS!?

Claim this special offer by following the directions below!

At Armone’s Core Connection, we are offering a 100% FREE class for all new members! This is a limited offer so take advantage of it before it’s too late! We offer Pilates, spin classes, circuit training, boxing, and more! You can claim your class by clicking on this link:


Scroll down below to see detailed instructions on how to claim your FREE class


Click on the “Free Class” link above. It will take you to a page that looks similar to the image below. Click on the “Check Out” button.


Step 2:

Another smaller window will open and ask you to create a account to log in. You can use your Facebook to easily create a account (don’t worry it’s private!). Click on the Facebook “Log In” button.


Step 3:

The window will ask you to confirm that you want to use Facebook to create your account. Press the “Okay” button at the bottom.


Step 4:

If you signed up using Facebook, skip the next two steps. If you do not want to use your Facebook account to create a account, you can also use your contact info. Enter you name on the right side and hit the “Next” button.


Step 5:

Fill out your contact information and create a Login using your email. Do not forget to create a password!


Step 6:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and mark “I agree with the above terms”. Click on the “Create Account” button.


Step 7:

You will be taken back to the original Check Out page. Hit the blue “Check Out” button (don’t worry, your almost done!)


Step 8:

Scroll down and click on the “Place Order” button. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged, this is FREE!!


Step 9:

You will be taken to a Purchase Complete page. Scroll down and click the “Book this service” button.


Step 10:

You will be take to a page with all of our upcoming classes. Find the class you like and click the “Sign up now” just to the left of the class title.


Step 11:

Last step! You will be taken to the Make a Reservation page. Check over all of the info about the class you chose. If everything looks correct, hit the “Make a single reservation” button. You are now signed up for your FREE CLASS!! We look forwarding to making you sweat!