The Principles of Pilates

The Principles of Pilates

by Armone Sullivan

As some of you may or may not know, Pilates is based on the principle that a few movements, properly performed, are worth more than hundreds of mindless repetitions. To be performed properly, each and every exercise in the program must include all of the following elements:

Concentration – one of the most important points of Pilates is to be constantly aware of how you are doing what you are doing. Body awareness begins through conscious action.

Control – concentration leads to control which means that you must take charge of your own body and how you will move.

Centering – the torso is the strength center for the body. This center is the starting point for all of your movements.

Precision – the fine tuning of the muscular system can only be achieved through precise positioning and exact movement. Because momentum and swinging actions do not use all of your muscles evenly, they can lead to muscle fatigue and strain.

Flow of Movement – when you leave the gym, you don’t walk halfway to your car and stop. You complete the movement and task in front of you. Pilates focuses on flowing motion that utilizes all of the muscles holistically in order to match and enhance the flowing movements of life.

Breathing – breath is essential to life, it energizes and revitalizes the body. Each exercise is fueled by our breath and coordinated to every movement pattern.

Harmony – Pilates integrates each of these principles into every exercise.

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