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Armone truly understands how various activities can affect body composition. She was a former competitive cyclist and classically trained dancer. Armone discovered Pilates as a solution to rapidly slim down her own muscle bulk developed from cycling. She went on to study Pilates under a protégé of Ron Fletcher, an original student of Joseph Pilates. Armone then received her Pilates certification from Pilates guru Kathy Corey of West Coast Pilates. She also spent time training at True Pilates (formerly Drago’s) gym in New York City, home of Romana Kryzanowska, protégé of Joseph Pilates.

With over sixteen years of Pilates training and teaching experience working with notable gurus and protégés in the field, she ran several Pilates studios in San Diego before launching Armone’s Core Connection in La Jolla, CA. Armone trains bi-coastally and studies at Idea and the Body Mind Spirit conventions. Her goal is to continue helping people feel good about themselves and their bodies with her unique, results-driven method of fitness.